scan|ning «SKAN ihng», noun, adjective.
1. close investigation or consideration; critical examination or judgment.
2. = scansion. (Cf.scansion)
3. the process in which an electron beam scans the television picture area.
4. a method of detecting abnormalities in the body by the use of special photographic instruments that record the movement of an administered radioactive substance as it passes through the organs, body fluids, and the like: »

In scanning, a radioactivity compound is administered to the patient, after which the compound's distribution is mapped out by a scintillation camera that detects gamma rays coming from the child (Science News).

1. that scans or examines closely; critical; searching: »

When his eyes fell again they glanced round with a scanning coolness (George Eliot).

2. spoken in a measured manner, with more or less regular pauses between syllables, characteristic of certain nervous diseases, as multiple sclerosis: »

scanning speech.

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